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Hukoo’s Game Card
Load up a Hukoo’s Game Card with any amount of money and swipe it as you go! Don’t worry about carrying around buckets of the tickets you’ll win, they are digitally transferred straight to your card

  • Admission into Hukoo’s is FREE!
  • Add ANY amount of money to your Game Card!         

$ Loaded to Game Card               Bonus* Free                          Total

$10.00                                                     NA                                         $10.00

$20.00                                                     $.50                                      $20.50

$30.00                                                     $1.00                                    $31.00

$50.00                                                     $2.00                                    $52.00

$75.00                                                     $3.50                                     $78.50

$100.00                                                   $5.00                                    $105.00

*Pro-tip: Adding certain amounts of money to a Game Card will earn you free Bonus Bucks!            


Laser Lockdown $3.00
Mini-Bowling $3.00
Bumper Cars $5.00
Pirate’s Plunder $5.00
Jungle Jump $7.50
Laser Tag $7.50
Arcade Games and Simulators
Game prices vary from 50c to $3
Some games are for 2 players

A completed waiver form is required to play at Hukoo’s – Save time and fill it out in advance!  Click here