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 Laser Tag


You will incarnate a skilled gunner for 2 hours to use this package, players will be equipped with magic laser armor, laser gun, the task of the player is to search for mobile targets With its agility, strategy and sophistication, it can be divided into two or three teams or individual players at an attractive, fun-filled game by having a high observability. It's fast, and it's fast, fun, and effective. Your goal is to hit as many targets as you can to reach the highest possible personal and team score.

Jungle Jump

This area allows you to jump and fall freely from above, without any law, you can fling up and flip yourself to try to feel the free fall on the huge airbags in our center. 

Pirate’s Plunder

You will emerge as a pirate and team-up with your teammates. You will stay on your ship and your mission is to sink down the opponent’s ship using your cannonball.

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